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Zhen McWilliams

About Me

Zhen is your trustworthy Orange County agent who brings a strategic yet personal approach to the home buying and home selling process. Drawing from years of experience as a number one revenue generator in Luxury Goods industry, Zhen has built a reputation for her friendly customer care and proven ability to guide either sellers or buyers to obtain the best value for their dream home. As a USC graduate who is bilingual in English and Chinese and has resided in both Los Angeles and Orange County since 2002, Zhen has extensive knowledge of the different cities and neighborhoods across Southern California. Zhen not only understands also cares about individual’s need regardless home buying and selling, investment properties, luxury homes, and multi-residential properties. Zhen’s goal is to help buyers in a highly focused search to find their dream homes as well as to help sellers get the most value for their homes. Zhen strives to make every buyer and seller to have a pleasant and satisfied experience in their real estate purchasing and selling process.

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