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Grant Grilo

About Me

Grant loves helping people, and it’s evident in everything he does. Before
pursuing a career in real estate, his patience and communication skills served
him as a pre-Kindergarten teacher, and in working with children with special
needs as an Autism Play Therapist. He also is a proud Veteran of The United
States Navy and was stationed on board the USS Ronald Reagan. Relentlessly
positive and enthusiastic in his work, he makes instant connections with his
clients and strengthens those relationships by adhering always to the Golden
Rule. He chose SeaCliff Realty because its philosophy meshed completely with
his own — serving the community and touching lives. His focus at SeaCliff
Realty is twofold: on first-time buyers, feeling that even as he guides them he
also learns from them, and on growing families; searching for the home that fits
their ever expanding needs. In addition to helping his clients find homes they
love, he serves his community in numerous ways: volunteering at food banks,
beach clean ups, running and walking for charities, and many more. Grant also
loves attending concerts, traveling, spending time in nature by backpacking and
camping, and watching movies.

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